The Traditional Taekwondo Association was set up by Grandmaster T.K. Loh in 1989 in order to spread Taekwondo the way it was originally intended- as a holistic concept of training the mind and body. The TTA looks to provide its students with an understanding of the capability of the human mind and body, and aims to instil the ideas of mental strength and a persevering spirit.

The TTA also aims to enable its practitioners to focus and concentrate their mind on the varying tasks and obstacles that Taekwondo presents as well as attaining the indomitable spirit to overcome them, thus building their confidence level and providing them with the humility attained through their achievement.

The TTA seeks to provide its students with leadership training and to develop a sense of self-discipline as well as the discipline of their focus, coupled with an ability to conduct themselves with proper decorum and etiquette.

The T.T.A. strives to train its members to the highest level of competitive skills so that they are able to participate at any international arena and be second to none.

Published: October 27, 2013
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Referee list for November 3rd Championships.

Gary Skinner Nottingham MC
Ring 1

Kevin Heaney Drongan hoc
Hugh Steele Ayrshire
William Docerthy Cumbernauld
Mark Cassidy Clydebank
Andrew Ferguson Ayrshire
Blair Anderson Glasgow
Llewellyn Godfrey Leeds
Almudena Chacon London
Seth Campbell London
Ring 2

Alan Brown Ayrshire hoc
Caroline Arshad Glasgow
John Ikoro Leeds
Chris Cassidy Clydebank
Maria Carapeto London
William Ferguson Falkirk
Kaeleigh Wallace Glasgow
Allan Watt Ayrshire
Christopher Magee Clydebank
Ring 3

Yutaro Higashi Nottingham hoc
Rachel Joshua London
Derek mitchell Drongan
Jeff Scobie Ayrshire
Gavin Butler Glasgow
Julie Heaney Drongan
Ian Westcott Kilmarnock
Jonathon Blockley Leeds
Jemima Kingsley London


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